Wrap It Up, Wrap It In: 3 Reasons To Love Wrap Dresses

Wrap It Up, Wrap It In: 3 Reasons To Love Wrap Dresses

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Who needs a western dress pattern when there is a smart option with a single and easy side closure that may be opened and closed conveniently? Have you ever felt the need for an easy to wear dress that you can wear without the troublesome task of lowering it over the head and shoulders? Then, you have landed on the right page.



 A women’s wrap dress is an answer that has a versatile design that lets one wear it with a wrap style that you can tie into a stylish bow or a simple knot. The upper fabric is simply taken over to either the left or right side or the backside and tied in a fitting snug. So a V-shaped neck is favorably created with comfort and style all wrapped in one.

Buy wrap dress varieties from the multiple choices accessible at Femella and make the best of your day. Choose from suitable lengths and sleeve designs obtainable from wrap dresses online.

History of wrap dresses

From the early 1990s, during which women wrap dress gained popularity, to the recent years in which dresses for women have become immensely advantageous, there is a demand for trendy patterns. A wrap dress is one such option that is not just convenient to wear but also fits any waistline.

The first wrap dresses were outlined by a famous American designer called Diane von Furstenberg in 1972.


They then symbolized the liberation of the women's movement that started in 1970. Professional women back then needed a versatile dressing style that would be easy to wear and manage throughout the day. This stands true for today, too, as women wish to be comfortable yet stylish all through the day.


3 Benefits of wrap dress patterns


  • A women wrap dress is befitting to any waistline: the simple knitting design of the dress lends it a charming style that can be worn by a range of waistlines, whether big or small. The ample fabric provides this facility to the dress pattern, which is one of the reasons the dresses are super comfortable. The tie waist fits snugly to the slimmest area of the body; it can provide a beautiful shape with a maximum slimming effect. The bust is suitably intensified, and the lower body curves magnified. Shorter women can aptly wear a more plunging neckline to replace the missing height. So bring out the curvy you every time you wear the chic dress.
  • The wrap patterns suit women of all ages: the modish effect produced by the wrap dresses makes them appropriate for older and younger women. With the scores of fabric styles and designs available, you can wear timeless dress patterns at desired lengths. The younger women can opt for the mini versions with sleeveless or puff sleeves options, whilst the older women may be more comfortable in the midi and maxi styles with long sleeves. Amp up your trendsetting look with a deeper neckline that brings out the perfect figure in you for an unforgettable date night.
  • Dress for any occasion, whether formal or casual: wear the sophisticated pattern to any place, whether office or parties and the whole nine yards in between. The smart wrap design of the dress makes it opportune to be worn at weddings with expensive fabrics such as embroidered and sequined. Simple cotton wrap dresses are best suited for a day on the beach. Party hard with voguish polyester fabric wrap dresses with colorful prints with the overflowing collection available at Femella.

How to keep wrap dresses closed? 

The easy dressing style of a women's wrap dress makes them a favorite choice amongst women of any age. A plain camisole may be worn under the dress that can cover any visible spaces if any.

The high coverage design of the wrap dress is sufficient enough despite the knotting feature. For more security, one can wear a pair of short slacks and a slip under the dress. A small safety pin may be also attached for a firm fit at the knees to avoid any gaps created.

 Types of wrap dress patterns

Find the right dress with the correct shoulder cross back measurement to avoid any size misfits. Whilst the standout feature of wrap dresses is that the waistline can be effectively altered by making a tighter or loose knot, the cross back shoulder size must be appropriate. A narrow or too wide across back measurement will be ill-fitting.

 At Femella, you will obtain women's wrap dress options in all waist sizes starting from extra small up to five extra-large (66 cm to 107 cm). Choose from calf-length midi dresses, short or mini dresses, or ankle-length maxi dresses, whichever suits your purpose.

Check out the different fabrics accessible such as pure cotton, polyester, rayon, chiffon, crepe, Georgette, blends of cotton and polyester, and many more. There are pretty designs with ruffle frills all over the wrap border in the same dress fabric or different types such as lace, embroidered, sunken patterns, etc.

Find the sleeve style that accentuates your figure, such as long, short, half, puff, three-fourth, cap, cape, bishop, balloon, layered, frilly, flutter, and many more. Select a dress that exudes style and quality with the best fit and buy wrap dress varieties from Femella.



You may opt for a front, side or back knotting style according to your comfort and taste. Various themes include solid, floral print, graphic print, geometric print, polka dots, scarf print, etc. Select from different cuts such as fit and flare, tiered, pleated skirt, straight hemline, A-line, belted or non-belted waist, high low hemline, etc.

You may opt for belted or a non-belted design based on the dress's color and prints. Pick out a matching belt that may be sequined, glittered or plain, whatever suits the wrap dress. Buy wrap dresses online from Femella in various color combinations at the best price and offer selections.



Dress trendy with ritzy dresses at Femella

Whether you have to attend an interview or a festive occasion, find a wrap dress with a suitable pattern and flaunt your curves only from the Femella cluster easily available online. There are jumpsuits and tops available too, with the wrap design. Find various dress patterns such as a sheath, tiered, high low, A-line, bodycon, shift, off the shoulder, etc.

Add the beautiful wrap dresses types to your wardrobe collection, along with suitable footwear. Wear a flowing women's wrap dress with matching heels and chunky jewelry to the next festive occasion you have to attend or ankle boots with a mini wrap dress to casual get-together with friends.

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