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Pink Ditsy Floral Slit Midi DressPink Ditsy Floral Slit Midi Dress
Pink Ditsy Floral Slit Midi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,169 Regular priceRs. 2,59955% off
Blue Floral Tiered Maxi DressBlue Floral Tiered Maxi Dress
Blue Floral Tiered Maxi Dress
Sale priceRs. 2,309 Regular priceRs. 3,29930% off
Blue Floral Smocked Midi DressBlue Floral Smocked Midi Dress
Blue Floral Smocked Midi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,124 Regular priceRs. 2,49955% off
Red Floral Tiered Midi DressRed Floral Tiered Midi Dress
Red Floral Tiered Midi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,819 Regular priceRs. 2,59930% off
Blue Floral Printed Wrap Maxi DressBlue Floral Printed Wrap Maxi Dress
Blue Floral Printed Wrap Maxi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,959 Regular priceRs. 2,79930% off
Yellow Floral Smocked Tiered Midi DressYellow Floral Smocked Tiered Midi Dress
Yellow Floral Smocked Tiered Midi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,819 Regular priceRs. 2,59930% off
Red Ditsy Floral Smocked Midi DressRed Ditsy Floral Smocked Midi Dress
Red Ditsy Floral Smocked Midi Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,679 Regular priceRs. 2,39930% off
Red Floral Midi Wrap DressRed Floral Midi Wrap Dress
Red Floral Midi Wrap Dress
Sale priceRs. 1,319 Regular priceRs. 2,19940% off
Red Floral Wrap Pleated TopRed Floral Wrap Pleated Top
Red Floral Wrap Pleated Top
Sale priceRs. 839 Regular priceRs. 1,39940% off

Floral Dresses for Women: The Spring Blooms In Style

Styling yourself to get a unique look for special occasions can be challenging. And when you can not think of a specific style, you can try out floral dresses for women.

They are always trendy and bring out elegance and sophistication in you, especially flowy floral print maxi dresses. They also make you stand out due to their assortment of patterns, colours, designs, etc. Floral print dresses give you a feminine look and enhance your summer and spring look.

You can try the sleeveless floral midi dresses in summer and spring. Floral maxi dresses are an ideal option for autumn, especially when styled with moto jackets and ankle-length boots. Similarly, you can try a solid-colored dress with small floral prints or full-sleeved floral maxi dresses for winter. These dresses are also ideal for casual outings as they are very comfortable.

Style yourself in with Femmella's collection of floral dresses for women

Before choosing a floral dress for you, always know about your body type and the length of the dress you are comfortable with. You can go for a bold and loud look or a simple floral pattern as you prefer. So, browse through Femmella for your choice of mini, midi, or maxi-printed dresses and put your best foot forward! 

  • Floral Maxi Dress: Here, you get options like full-sleeved floral print maxi dresses and floral embroidered dresses. The floral printed dresses are made from polyester and are available in bright colours. You can opt for pieces with short sleeves, or you can go for a floral maxi dress with sleeves that go right up to your wrists. The best thing about these floral long frocks is that not only are they stylish and elegant, but they are also incredibly comfortable, making them ideal for any weather or occasion.
  • Floral Print Midi Dresses: A dress with pockets is always a go-to attire for women. The knee-length dresses from Femella have inseam pockets where you can keep your necessary articles. They are available in full sleeves with smocked cuffs, and you can adjust the waist of the dress with a drawstring. These dresses come in bright colours and are made with materials like polyester and viscose. Their collars include a v-neck (with functional wrap), crew neck (with smocked bodice), square neck, band neck (with notch), etc.
  • Floral Print Mini Dresses: These flared and floral dresses are available in collars including mandarin collar, up neckline, etc. These dresses are made of polyester and cotton and are above-knee-length dresses.
  • Sneakers or Heels: If you are wearing a floral dress at a party, you can pair them with high heels. For casual outings, you can pair your casual floral maxi dress with sneakers or ankle boots, whatever makes you comfortable.
  • Shrugs or belts: Take your usual floral look up a notch with shrugs or jackets. You can try embroidered jackets with floral dresses as it makes a unique combination - you can go for a half-sleeved cotton jacket or denim jacket. To refine your silhouette, you can also use a belt with your dress.
  • Hats, sunglasses, and scarves: For a casual outing to parties or beaches, wearing hats or sunglasses (or both) can add elegance to your personality. Wearing trendy floral scarves will also be a perfect add-on to your look.
  • Bags: Carry a tote bag if you are going to be out for a long time, or else you may carry a stylish sling bag with your dress. 

Buy Floral Dresses Online at Femmella

With the variety of women's floral dresses online at Femmella, you get a huge collection to choose from. These floral dresses are also ideal to gift to your loved ones.

Refer to the size chart before making your purchase. To wash your dresses, follow the instructions manual. Most of these luxury dresses require a normal machine wash or cold wash.

Select the best premium dress as per your preference and get them delivered to your doorsteps. Shop from Femmella to get the best deals on floral dresses for women. Add them to your wardrobe collection and stay in style.

Apart from shopping for a floral maxi dress online, you can also browse through Femmella's collection of DRESSES FOR WOMEN in other prints and styles, elegant Maxi dresses for women suitable for casual and business wear, and comfortable Co ord sets for women to bring out your best casual look.