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Lead a More Active Life with Comfy Women Track Pants

Take part in outdoor hikes or intense workouts in the gym, play active sports or participate in competitive track events - there are multiple ways to build an active lifestyle. However, the prime requirement across these is a choice of clothing that offers mobility.

Women track pants are designed to be worn during such physical activities. This type of bottom wear is made with fabrics like cotton, polyester or a blend of the two making them wrinkle-free and easy to care for. Soft on the skin, these materials wick moisture and sweat easily to keep the wearer comfortable while active.

Track Pants for Women - Clothing Options for an Active Lifestyle

Athletic bottom wear has evolved with numerous other options like sweatpants, joggers, and leggings in elastane. Also known as spandex or Lycra, this synthetic fiber is often blended with knitwear or cotton to better their core characteristics. Along with wrinkle resistance, they render the active wear lightweight and comfortably stretchable.

These wardrobe essentials are available in various lengths to suit specific activities like cycling, yoga, walking, or running. They include shorts, capris, and full-length options for you to choose from. Read on to understand the different types of tracks available for women: 

  • Cotton track pants for women

Track pants made from cotton are breathable and considered high in quality. These track pants are suitable for everyday wear as well as nightwear. You can stay comfortable and cozy in your jammies and pair them with your favorite tee.

  • Fleece track pants for women

These are ideal for use in cold, winter weather. Fuzzy and soft, fleece is an excellent insulator, quick-drying and also water-resistant. They are also known to absorb sweat and keep you warm and cozy.

  • Polyester blend track pants

These are known for durability and resilience to wear and tear. Clothing made from 100% polyester is lightweight and holds shape well. Polyester is often blended with natural cotton in specific ratios to make fabrics that are more comfortable and skin-friendly fabrics. A pair of navy blue track pants for women in this fabric can function as a dependable staple.

  • Sweatpants

These are often made with soft, knit fabrics, and they feature baggier patterns with a loose, straight fit. These are also meant for use in winters, and the material used makes these heavier than track pants. High on comfort, they are best used for lounging and leisurewear for long walks and runs during winters.

  • Joggers

These are crafted from breathable fabrics that keep you cool. They are light in weight and are often identified by the cuffed ankle design. The pattern is slimmer and form-fitting, and this stylish bottom wear is also considered more fashion-forward!

Each of these styles features a different shape and size and also fits your body differently. Women track pants feature convenient drawstring, elasticated waist, elastic cuff-ends and a relaxed fit to render them comfortable for daily use.

Accessories that can be paired with Track Pants for Women

Beanies and scarves are great ways to add a pop of color and break the monotony of black track pants for women or any other solid-colored or monochrome tracksuits.

Find Your Favorite Women Track Pants on Femmella

Full-length track pants remain true to their origins and continue to be all-time favorites and a go-to choice for an active lifestyle. Femmella features a collection of women track pants that can be used for athletics or casual occasions for just about anyone. Explore the extensive range of comfy active wear, including vibrant colors like red track pants for women to suit your style.

With bio-washed fabrics, you can find apparel in soft, lustrous finishes suitable for people with sensitive skin. Alongside plus-size track pants womens wear in terry and fleece, you can find other apparel like dresses, jumpsuits and, maxi dress or a midi dress to fit every conceivable size.