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Rock Your Wedding Guest Look In Maxi Dresses

Attending an Indian wedding as a guest typically entails dressing in sarees, lehengas, and region-specific attire, like Maxi Dresses or traditional apparel. However, many times the marriage ceremony is spread over several days.

With modern fusions, the countdown to the main event being dotted with other ceremonies like Mehendi and Sangeet is becoming commonplace.

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As an invitee to a wedding, women can choose more fashionable options like well-made full-length dresses or exquisitely fashioned stylish maxi dress. Although they are considered informal, you can explore and find one that looks classy enough to wear to a celebration that asks for a little dressing-up.

Selecting one of the innumerable maxi dresses for women as wedding guests can seem like an uphill task. You can make them work in an Indian context with some thought and creativity!

Tips For Picking the Perfect Maxi Dress

Regardless of the current trend, wedding celebrations call for a semi-formal to formal dress code. It would be wise for women to tread on the side of caution and opt for long dresses. 

Among other considerations, you could choose your guest outfit based on – the type of ceremony (traditional/modern/fusion), venue (indoor/outdoor), and time of the event (day/night). Although you will have to stick to the chosen theme if it is a thematic event, you could give the outfit your unique twist!

If you are looking forward to experimenting with your wedding guest look with maxi dresses for women, here are a few pointers that will help you zero in on an outfit and keep you looking great!

  • Colors, Prints, and Detailing

Summer colors, including light pastel shades and yellow, are great options, especially if it is an outdoor event.

maxi dress for women

You may also seize the chance, be daring, and experiment with bold hues like coral or turquoise, or you could stick to neutral hues like tan or grey. If you'd like to add a dash of interest to the attire, consider a floral maxi dress or dresses with ethnic prints, embellishments, or embroidery detailing in complementary hues.

  • Fabrics 

Longer dresses are typically crafted from light, flowy fabrics, and casual maxi dresses are usually made with cotton, rayon, or a blend of soft and breathable materials.

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To make full-length dresses work for special occasions, organza, silk, satin, brocade, crêpe, chiffon, and velvet also are wonderful fabric options. You could base the choice upon the amount of drape or the fit it renders to a particular dress.

  • Footwear

You could select a pair to go with your choice of dress based on whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors.

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For outdoors, wedges can work well because they can bring along the elegance associated with their heeled counterparts and do away with the risk of getting stuck in the lawn grass.

 Gorgeous shoes with pretty embellishments, a sparkly pair of flats, or strappy sandals could also keep you comfortable without compromising style.

  • Hairdo 

How you style your hair can make or break your look in maxi dresses. There are countless ways to style your hair and put your outfit together, regardless of your hair type or length. You could try intricate braids, a ballerina bun, a wavy bun, side-swept waves, or top knots for some extra zing.

women in tiered maxi dress

  • Jewelry and Other Accessories

Wear a statement necklace to accentuate the dress's neckline, or do a pair of earrings that exude your personal style.

maxi dress with jewellery

You could also pick flattering pieces of fashion jewelry, a small bag, or carry a clutch to complement your short or long sleeve maxi dress and go with your overall look. Think of using scarves or a lovely wrap with sleeveless attire.

The dos of being a subtly gorgeous guest with a right maxi dress

While you want to dress up and look your best when showing up as a wedding guest, there are some aspects you need to consider:

  • Selecting elegant wedding guest dresses can be tricky. Obviously, you would want to look stunning and simultaneously be mindful of not stealing the wedding couple's thunder! With so many choices, it is easy to go overboard. So, you may want to ask yourself, how much is too much?
  • Destination wedding venues call for a summer-friendly wardrobe. With thematic weddings, your job can become a tad more difficult since you need to follow the theme whilst exuding your style. It is preferable to examine new fabrics and colors that are fashionable yet understated rather than overdoing them with bulkier attire.
  • If you are attending traditional ceremonies such as the Haldi, you could consider going out with less embellished work and opt for warm tones that align with the theme. 
  • If you are attending the marriage ceremony, remember that rituals and traditions take center stage on the day of nuptials. The merriments take a back seat as a bittersweet occasion for family and friends. For these reasons, opting for demure outfits or even simple traditional wear would be wiser. 
  • The wedding reception is the time to go all-out. With not much else to do but turn up in your best wedding guest attire stylishly, this occasion presents the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures and capture memorable moments. 
  • Regular, petite, or plus size maxi dresses – no matter what size of a dress you are considering, it is a good idea to look in places like Femella that offer clothing that fits you like a glove. You can make the most of plus-size fashion by opting for plus-size maxi dresses complimenting your body shape. To do this, explore patterns, fits, necklines, and sleeve length- the devil is in the details.

Finding the Perfect Maxi Dresses Online

Although tiered maxi dresses or floral maxi dresses in pastels, prints, and delicate lace are well-suited for summer or spring weddings, they can also be worn from dressy-casual to more formal wedding events. 

Additionally, it is a fantastic option all year long. You can find maxi dresses online at Femella in sizes that range from petite to plus sizes. Also available are exclusive collections of wrap styles, Brasso dresses, and trendy clothing crafted to perfection. 

With a careful choice of outfit, accessories, and hairdo, you can enjoy the best of comfort as well as fashion. Rock your wedding guest's look in a beautiful party dress without looking outlandish. Browse for your favorite maxi dresses online, and let the celebrations begin!

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