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Apart from the new year, a new beginning, and the excitement in the air thick with the hope of what could be -- there is one thing we always keep our eyes out for -- waiting eagerly in anticipation of the world to speak and give out its judgment on fashion predictions for the coming year.

Yep, it’s that time of the year! The who’s who of the fashion industry have spoken and we have done a round-up for you.

A quick look at the spring 2023 fashion predictions and how to keep your look trendy for the coming year.

Tassels & Lurex

Did someone say retro-chic? Get your burlesque, moulin rouge fantasies out of the closet -- the tassels are here to stay in 2023! From fringed dresses to beachwear, bring a touch of glamour to your wardrobe and elevate your poolside ensemble.

women in black lurex dress

For those who like to be subtle about their glam, lurex is the way to go. A fabric made of shiny threads that shimmer with a soft delight. To bring out the star that you are.

Purple Hues

A fashion trend that started in 2022 and has continued onto 2023. The New York Fashion Week (NYFW) saw hues of purple collection across the runaway in tonal ensembles.


Rich and deep tones paired with lighter, lavender pieces seem to have taken everyone’s breath away (including ours).



Yep, it’s back to the retro ways and we absolutely love it! The best part is? No color is off-limits here. With ruffles, we’re adding layers to the garment and making sure you get to bring out the playful side of you. Smocked bodices and dramatic sleeves.

So we’re looking at a closet with a touch of romance. How delicious.

Sports Luxe

Casual comforts have been on the rise for the past few years. Sports-luxe, a category fairly new to the industry but much longed for has taken the world by storm.


The idea of fashion being uncomfortable stands no ground here. There truly is no pain and much gain to be seen in this category. While the silhouettes here stay sporty, it's the luxe fabric that makes all the difference and suits all body types. So bring your grunge game on, it might just get grimy in here.


Pinterest has predicted that the fashion game in 2023 is going back to being very feminine. And with the trends on the rise, we can see what they mean.

Florals, ahh floral print -- the ever-romantic, softly grazing hues that we have loved to adorn ourselves with for centuries. Something that might take a back-seat for a while but always emerges as a trend in a cyclic formation.


Yep, floral dresses for women are back and we have a whole closet full of them for you to take your pick.

With our research and a keen eye on the industry, Femella’s closet is full of these 2023 fashion trends. But what’s best? They’re comfortable and affordable.

Made in India with materials and a variety of styles that are abundantly rich here. Get your head-start on the trends this season with the Femella closet.

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